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Planned ?

Tune up's in the future

My little tuber will get quite an overhauling during the winter.

Bigger projects:

  • New paint job for the plastic parts
  • Polish rims and get the inner star painted in "Blazing Orange"
  • Ceramic coating of the exhaust
  • Catch up on the missed 16000 service

Small wishlist:

  • Different licence plate holder
  • New mirrors since the current ones are beginning to disintegrate
  • Change the front motor mount with an X1's to get rid of the sharp airbox support
  • Add a "Stenzelstuetze" (motor support bracket) to the tuber 
  • Wave discs perhaps ?!

Have a look at a little Photoshopping:

This might just be the color I want for the ceramic coating and the rims.